Zynga to launch new versions of three games in 2014


Game maker Zynga has revealed that it will be releasing new versions of three of its popular games in the upcoming months in 2014. The new versions of the games will be released for mobile devices, but there are no indications regarding on which platform the games will be launched.

The games in question that will get their new versions include Farmville 2: Country Escape, New Zynga Poker, as well as New Words with Friends. These are the new titles of the upcoming games produced by the San Francisco-based game developers. when it comes to the new Farmville, the company says that it will be set along a coastal town and will be built upon the web version’s characters, as well as fiction and art.

The game will be tied to the web version and will allow players to transfer valuable goods between both platforms. The new social platform of the game will allow gamers to have a greater control on how to socialize with their friends.

New Zynga Poker will be built on the platform from the old Poker game. The game will have a revamped design and new controls, in addition to automatically adapting to the features according to skill level. New Words with Friends will get its own dictionary after requests from several fans.

Photo Credits: Forbes