Ashton Kutcher designed Lenovo handsets to be launched in 2014


Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher was signed in as the product engineer by Lenovo in October 2013. In 2014, the company is all set to launch the first range of mobiles which are designed by the actor.


The chief marketing officer of Lenovo David Roman, while talking about the plans of the company said, “I know on one level it sounds corny, but it is real. He not only sees himself as an engineer, but he is an engineer. If he sees a problem, he wants to solve it.” The CMO also clarified that this not any kind of publicity stunt but the actor will actually have a hand in the design of the devices.

This is going to be completely different from the other partnerships of the companies with the celebrities. Reports say that Kutcher has a good tech credentials than most of the other celebrities. Kutcher has studied biochemical engineering from the University of Iowa but he dropped out. He has also invested in the etch services including Airbnb, Foursquare and Uber.

In 2013, Kutcher also played the co-founder of Apple Steve Jobs in the movie ‘Jobs’. When the actor was signed up by Lenovo he said that the partnership with Lenovo has brought together his love of technology and design which makes life better.

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