Free Wi-Fi to be introduced in 40 subway stations in New York


There is good news ahead for all commuters in New York, as a number of subway stations in the city will soon receive free Wi-Fi. Commuters will be connected underground as the Phase Two of the Transit Wireless and Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s wireless project has started officially.

subway stations

The latest project will provide free Wi-Fi in 40 subway stations in New York and up to an additional 250 million passengers on a yearly basis. The first ones to get connected will be eleven subway stations located in mid-town Manhattan, including Grand Central Terminal. Meanwhile, construction for the complete borough of Queens is scheduled to begin in March 2014 and Phase Two of the project should be finished entirely by June 2014.

The initiative will allow passengers to get cellular service on the providers T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T and Verizon Wireless, as well as Wi-Fi. William Bayne Jr., the CEO of Transit Wireless said, “This is a huge benefit to all the visitors and tourists that come to New York City every day”.

Bayne went on to say that they are not only extending their network to all underground stations in Queens and additional stations in Manhattan, but are also making room for future innovations. The underground Wi-Fi project of New York began in 2013 and will connect 36 subway stations online.

Photo Credits: Digital Trends