Stratasys introduces first colored multi-material 3D printer


Printer manufacturer Stratasys has introduced the first printer in the world which has the ability to produce colored material and this kind of technology can help in saving time and money for the development of new products. The company has revealed the latest device – the Object500 Connex 3 Color Multi-material 3D printer – which enables a number of color printing using plastic multimaterials and flexible rubber.

3d printer

The new printer uses a unique ‘triple-jetting’ technology, which combines a virtually unlimited color palette directly with rigid, flexible and transparent material. In turn, this will enable manufacturers to produce prototypes which need to be painted or assembled and will also save money and time.

This kind of process will enable manufactures to make quick decisions and will allow for more in-depth evaluation, before they choose to commit to manufacturing. David Reis, the CEO of Stratasys says, “I believe our new Objet500 Connex3 Color Multi-material 3D Printer will transform the way our customers design, engineer and manufacture new products.”

Reis went on to say that – in general and with the Connex Technology in particular – they will continue to develop what is possible in the 3D world. The popularity of 3D printers is expected to increase in the near future and the cost will also gradually come down with time and usage, according to experts.

Photo Credits: Solid smack