Nintendo to venture in to smartphones?


Nintendo in recent times has been facing a constant poor sales of its consoles Wii U. This is the reason the company is now considering major changes and new business models.


The boss of the company Satoru Iwata had insisted that he will not resign despite the fact that the company missed the sales targets of the Wii U by more than 6 million. In a press conference in Japan, Iwata hinted that he might finally do what the investors have been demanding since years and support the smart devices like the iPhone and the iPad.

The chief said, ‘We cannot continue a business without winning’. While talking about the new business structure, Iwata said that due to the expansion of the smart devices they are studying how smart devices can be used to grow the game player business. The investors have constantly been demanding to concentrate on smartphones.

For now Iwata’s comments fell in to the ears of the investors but has not made any firm commitments. The company is planning to change something in the Nintendo and Wii U home console but it is unlikely to be as simple as making the iOS games. There might even be an element of that in future.

Photo Credits: Neowin