Datawind launches world’s cheapest tablet in UK


The UbiSlate 7Ci – which has been developed by Datawind – has been launched in the UK market, at a price of just £30. The new tablet was first launched in India, as it was made for Indian schools and educational institutes.


However, users in the UK will now get a chance to test out the 7-inch Android device, for just £30. The UK-based company Datawind launched the device in India under the names Aakash 2 and Aakash and it was sold in schools and colleges in the country since 2011. The devices were sold in India as part of the partnership between the Indian government and the UK-based company.

The company’s tablet is known as the world’s cheapest tablet and was designed in order to help students in India to access internet cheaply through an affordable device. The UbiSlate 7Ci runs Android 4.0 with a 1 GHz Cortex A 8 processor, 512 MB of RAM and offers 4 GB of storage with Wi-Fi connectivity and a microUSB slot. It has a screen of 800 X 400 pixel resolution.

The device has become the latest and the cheapest one to enter the affordable seven-inch Android tablet market in the UK. Earlier in December 2013, Aldi released the Medion Lifetab, which costs £80 and is powered by Android 4.2 version of the operating system.

Photo Credits: Digital Reader