Former Nokia employees launch Jolla smartphone


Former Nokia employees have launched a smartphone – known as the Jolla phone – which runs on a new platform on November 27, 2013. The name of the phone is pronounced Yol-la and the device is powered by open-source operating system Sailfish.


The phone can run most applications which are designed for Google’s Android platform. The company has teamed up with a major Finnish network for now and it hopes to strike a similar deal with an operator in the UK. Analysts stated that the new smartphone will have a challenging time in a market which is dominated with tech giants such as Apple and Samsung.

Only 450 Jolla phones were available during the launch on November 27, 2013 and the majority of handsets went to customers who had pre-ordered the phone. Marc Dillon, the co-founder said that the company is doing its best to speed up the manufacturing process. The founder went on to say that the aim was to offer a more open approach to how people use their phones.

Dillon went on to say that there are various opportunities for people to get apps from different places and different stores. The founder also said that they have created a world-class platform where users will be able to get more choice.

Photo Credits: Slash Gear