Facebook further delays auto play video ads


Social networking giant Facebook has been advising its advertisers not to expect the rollout of the auto play video ads, which the company has been planning for a long time. The launch is not expected to happen before 2014.


Earlier, the ad format was supposed to be released during the first half of 2013, but that did not happen and since then, the launch has been pushed back multiple times. While talking about the main reason for the delay, the social network acknowledged that it might upset its base of users with the ads that will play automatically.

With this in mind, it will need more time for the company to evaluate how its users will react to similar non-commercial videos that were allowed on its platform earlier in 2013. The video ads first came out a few years ago, when broadband speeds were quite slow and the videos took up a lot of that available bandwidth.

After a while, 4G networks were rolling out and almost everyone in the industrialized world had 3G, however, it cannot be ignored that bandwidth is a limiting factor in mobile. Due to all these reasons, the social network is being careful about not annoying anyone.

Photo Credits: IB Times