Tablet market competition intensifies


The tablet market is expanding on a daily basis and the competition is going to become even more intense, as Nokia, Microsoft and Apple are all set to unveil their respective tablets on Tuesday, October 22, 2013. The new tablets will be competing in order to catch the attention of consumers in the already-crowded market occupied by Samsung, Amazon and Google, among others.


The demand for tablets has been increasing in the past few years and more than 120 million tablets were shipped in 2012, which is about seven times as many as in 2010, the year when Apple released its iPad and generated a huge interest. Ross Rubin, the independent analyst said, “Getting on an airplane it’s amazing the number of iPads that you now see that used to be either notebooks or portable DVD players”.

Even though Apple has managed to maintain a domination in the tablet market, an increased number of manufacturers are now offering their devices and are providing tough competition. On Tuesday, October 22, 2013, Apple is expected to announce upgraded versions of its iPad and iPad Mini.

On the same day, another tech giant, Microsoft will be releasing new versions of its Surface tablets, while Finnish company Nokia will be introducing a new tablet in Abu Dhabi.

Photo Credits: Pocket PC