Apple reduces production of iPhone 5C by 50%


US-based tech giant Apple has reduced daily production of the iPhone 5C by 50%, from 300,000 to 150,000 devices. The latest decision has been made by the company just a few weeks after the device had its debut in the global market.


The newest iPhone features brightly colored backs and its lower price was supposed to help the company reach emerging markets. The production decrease was reported by the Chinese website C Technology, which also stated that sources revealed that the sales of the new device have been rather disappointing.

At an event held in September 2013, Apple revealed the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S at its Cupertino headquarters in California. Apple launched the new 5C  in an attempt to attract potential customers with its $99 price tag and an inbuilt fingerprint technology. However, the phone was criticised as customers stated that it was not as affordable as they expected previously.

The decision to reduce production significantly is most likely going to affect large demand for the handset after launch. Moreover, security concerns were also raised when a video was posted online, which mentioned that hackers could easily access personal information without using a password.

Photo credits: Coated