United States maintains ban on certain Samsung devices


South Korean giant Samsung is still struggling in a patent battle against the US tech giant Apple and the company failed to get any help from the administration of Obama regarding the patent case. However, regardless of the lack of support, the potential impact on Samsung and its buyers from the US will not be significant.

Samsung ban

It was decided by the US Trade Representative Michael Froman not to exercise his power to veto a ban on Samsung devices’ import and sale, because of the violation of two Apple patents. Froman said that there was no reason on public-policy grounds to do so.

In another case, the trade representative decided to overturn a ban on some of the Apple products in August 2013. Following the decision, the South Korean company warned about perceived protectionism by the government of United States on behalf of companies from the US.

In addition to that, Samsung expressed disappointment regarding the decision made on October 8, 2013. The spokesperson from the company said, “It will serve only to reduce competition and limit choice for the American consumer”. Meanwhile, a spokesperson from Apple declined to comment on the issue. Samsung explained that it changed the designs of its products so that they do not infringe the Apple patents any longer.

Photo Credits: Gannett