Android Device Manager to lock lost or stolen devices


Search engine giant Google’s new Android Device Manager enables users to remotely lock down a device which is lost or stolen, with the help of a new password. With this new feature in mind, users do not have to worry if they lost their Android phone or tablet, as the device can be locked down immediately.


Google’s Android Device Manager was released in August 2013 and is a handy service which enables users to locate an Android device which is lost or stolen and the device can be remotely told to ring, as well as erase all of data on it. The latest update will also allow users to lock their device, with the help of remote password locking. The Device Manager will also stop others from accessing the missing device, as users can send a brand new password in order to secure it.

The latest feature is very easy to implement on the Android device by opening the Android Device Manager. Users need to check the options in order to remotely locate their missing device, as well as to enable remote lock and factory reset, in case that this is not previously checked. Users then need to browse through the Android Device Manager website and scan for the lost device.

Three options will appear, including ‘Ring’, ‘Lock’ and ‘Erase’. In order to send a new lock code, users need to click on ‘Lock’, enter and confirm the new password and click on the ‘Lock’ button again.

Photo Credits: CultofAndroid