Google Wallet launched for iPhone


Search engine giant Google launched its Wallet app to the iPhone and with this latest move made the competition tougher among tech companies to replace cash and credits cards. The new iOS app will enable users to store gifts and loyalty cards, as well as send cash between people.


However, this is not going to work for tap-and-go kind of payments, which use a near-field communication technology that is available on certain Android phones. This is because Apple did not incorporate NFC in its latest phone, which will be released on September 19, 2013. The expansion of Google Wallet to iOS will in turn make Google more competitive with other famous payment companies like startup Braintree and PayPal.

Apple also has a Google Wallet competitor in its Passbook app, however, it did not gain important traction. So far, Google had been silent regarding the iOS version of the app, but the company stated on September 17, 2013 that it wanted to roll out Google Wallet to all smartphone users.

Google is looking to expand its Wallet app, which will help the company to increase market share of the application.

Photo Credits: Computer world