Motorola’s Moto X Skip available on official website


US-based mobile manufacturer Motorola has introduced a new wearable device, which has already appeared on the online store of the company. The new accessory is known as the Moto X and the company seems to be charging a hefty price for a small device, whose functions are still unknown.


The website shows an image which seems to be an edited one, with a short and vague description. The new Moto X might not have top of the line hardware, like other devices currently available on the market, but it can definitely help users with voice command recognition, flick-based camera launch and similar things which can be done by the device.

There is a possibility that the latest device might take the form of an NFC-enabled clip, which can be used to tap the phone on to unlock it instead of having to use multiple taps or button presses. The Skip from Motorola is being offered by the company for a limited time and is priced at $ 19.99, which might be a bit high for an accessory.

Even though it has an NFC chip, this is still a high price to pay, especially because the device has so little details.

Photo Credits: Droid Life