Google Glass to get music player, device locking and ‘Boutique’ app store


Wearable tech product Google Glass has not yet been officially launched and is still rough around the edges. However, some of the latest updates available claim that there are a number of practical additions which are coming to the device. The additional features include Glass app store, which is named ‘Boutique’ and will be a welcome addition for app discovery.


The product will also come with a locking mechanism which will lock the device when it is not in use, using the swipe gesture code combo. Regarding the lock mechanism, Google talked about it earlier and is meant for keeping user data private. With this in mind, it cannot be considered as a complete surprise and hopefully users will see it sooner rather than later.

The company also indicated that it might offer access to Mirror API titles which are currently available and native SDK apps which run on the Glass itself. The device will also have a media player with all typical playback controls, as well as artists and track information. There has been a mention of a video player as well.

The changes mentioned are key elements of the existing mobile device platforms like iOS and Android for smartphones.