Sony pulls back update for PlayStation 3


The gaming division of Sony has pulled back the latest firmware update for the PlayStation 3 on June 19, 2013. The update was pulled back after several reports stated that installing it could make the console useless. Gaming enthusiasts took to social networking site Twitter and other online forums like Reddit to spread the word that the PlayStation 3 firmware update version 4.45 ‘bricks’ consoles and also warn other gamers not to install it.


The gaming division of Sony Computer Entertainment said that it was still working on discovering what exactly is causing the problem. Yoshiko Uchiyama, spokesperson for the company said, “We are working to quickly identify the problem, and will post updates to our global websites as soon as we have found it”. The spokesperson went on to say that the company was sorry for the inconvenience caused to its customers.

A quick reaction from the company was extremely important and Sony is enjoying good graces of the ever-changing gaming community, after a string of popular announcements regarding its PlayStation 4 console. The upcoming PS4 will be $100 cheaper compared to the Microsoft’s Xbox One.

The news and discussion site Reddit featured a posting on its gaming section, which was titled ‘Do Not Update Your PS3’ and was immediately voted up on the front page.