Chromebook laptops to be sold at Wal-Mart


Search engine giant Google has teamed up with retailing giant Wal-Mart, along with many other retail partners, to sell the company’s Chromebook laptops at their stores. Google announced that the Chromebook laptops will now be sold at more than 6,600 stores, or three times more stores than in the past.


Wal-Mart, one of the biggest retailers in the world, began selling the Acer C7 $199 Chromebook at 2,800 of its stores on Monday, June 17, 2013. During the upcoming weekend, Google will also include Staples into the mix of desired retailers for its devices. The office supply retailer will be selling the Chromebook laptops from Samsung, Acer and HP. The devices will be sold at all of its stores, which exceed the number of 1,500 and will also be available through the official website.

The search engine also said that later this year, select Office Depot, Office Max, Fry’s and TigerDirect stores will also start offering Chromebook computers. Meanwhile, new retail associates for other markets where Chromebooks are sold were also announced on Monday, June 17, 2013.

In the past, Chromebook laptops could only be purchased from Best Buy Stores or online from online retail stores like