Rovio to launch third-party games


Popular game developer Rovio announced that it is launching a new label, aimed to publish mobile games for third-party developers. For the first time ever, Rovio Stars will make available company’s experience, expertise and marketing teams to other publishers.

The company’s most popular lines, such as Angry Birds and Angry Birds Star Wars were developed internally. Jami Laes, the Executive Vice President of Rovio said, “We want to help our fans find quality entertainment among the more than 100,000 games available in app stores”. The first game to be released by Rovio Stars will be IceBreaker: A Viking Voyage.

In the new game, players have to use their ice-breaking skills to assist the Viking. The next game to follow will be Tiny Thief. This is a stealth-based puzzle game which is set in the medieval time. However, the company is yet to unveil when the games will be revealed.

Kalle Kaivola, the Director of Development at Rovio said that they want to help developers by giving these games the last coat of polish, publish them and find their audience. Kaivola also went on to say that they are concentrating on a small set of games and each Rovio Stars launch will be a separate event. The experts of Rovio will help to mentor the developers on their path to success.