Microsoft to unveil touch screen tablet on June 18


American software giant Microsoft has been for quite some time preparing to launch its tablet to compete with the rivals like Apple and Samsung. The results of the initiative might be displayed in an even on June 18, 2012 in Los Angeles amidst speculations that the company might reveal its plans about its new tablet.

Microsoft has called a media event without disclosing the purpose of the event. The event will be used to reveal a touch screen tablet which will be running on Windows operating system of Microsoft.

It is still unclear if it would be about a machine carrying Microsoft’s own brand or of one of the companies that have traditionally built PCs. On June 15, some of the reports suggested that the company would make use of the Los Angeles event to unveil its Branded tablet.

Traditionally the company depends on the other manufacturers to produce computers running on its software. It is an approach that helped it dominate the PC era as competition between rival manufacturers brought down prices and led to a wide range of products. On the other hand the same approach has not worked in terms of smartphone and tablets.