Electric car taxis introduced in New York


Auto giant Nissan has joined hands with the city of New York and have put 6 new electric cars onto the streets of the city. The company has introduced its Leaf model that will be used as taxis, which when repainted look just right for the purpose. The new taxis were brought to the city to observe Earth Day. The vehicles will be tested in the city to see if they are equipped to be ushered into the taxi world.

The company said that the taxis will have a range of about 100 miles, which makes them suitable enough to handle the average daily taxi route of 70 miles. Nissan and New York are eager to see if the taxis are fit for taking on the demands of life in New York. People in this city are always in need of a cab ride.

If the vehicle is not able to survive the day on a single charge, then the company has to set up quick charge stations around the city, so that drivers can recharge their taxis if needed. The new electric taxis are a part of Mayor Bloomberg’s aim to have electric taxis maku up at least 33% of the city taxis, by the year 2020.

In the future, the car company plans to launch its NV200 model, for use as taxis in the month of October 2013.