Google boasts new applications for Google Glass


Search engine giant Google has gone a step ahead in terms of inventing new gadgets for its latest eye-wear Google Glass. The company has now revealed some features and different ways of using Glass, which is a high-end visor like device. Google plans to sell the gadget later this year.

The latest gadget by Google has now several apps, including one for the New York Times. The news application shows the headlines on a small screen and reads the full text of the articles when demanded by the user.

Moreover, other programs will allow the users to answer emails or comment on a friends’ online pictures with the help of a  combination of head movements, voice commands and a small touchpad, which is into the gadget’s earpiece.

According to analysts, the search engine will need to put in some more effort on its apps to make the device more attractive for its customers. The device rests on the user’s ears and nose just like of pair of glasses and will be available in models which can accommodate prescription eyeglass lenses as well.

With its new Glass technology, Google is set to usher in a wave of technological advancements that have not been seen before.