Samsung Galaxy S III security issue discovered


Terence Eden had once discovered a bug which had allowed someone to access the home screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note II device. Later, taking advantage of the bug, another individual named Sean McMillian discovered a method which allows complete access to the handset’s home screen and this does not only apply to the Galaxy Note II.

The new method was also tested on the three Galaxy S III handsets and it worked on each of them. When the process was followed, it allowed for an outsider to gain access to the handset’s home screen, without entering the lock screen. It also removed the need for one to enter the pattern, PIN or lock method after the bypass has been successfully used.

As the bug has been replicated on more than one type of Samsung handset, there are possibilities that the issue might lie with Samsung’s software, as opposed to problems with the Android OS. People from ZDNet confirmed that the bugs exist on the Galaxy S III and Note II devices as well. There were some issues with the timing while trying out the break in, but engineers managed to entirely bypass the lock screen on a Galaxy S III, which was running Android 4.1.2.