Evernote take precautionary action against suspected hack


The internet world is buzzing with news of yet another high-profile cyber attack. This time the online note-taking service known as Evernote has been the target of suspicious activity, causing the company to request over 50 million users to reset their passwords.

According to a blog post announcement from the company, there was some suspicious activity being detected, which looked like certain out-of-bound areas of the Evernote service were being accessed. The information was brought to light by the company’s Operations and Security team.

Certain areas of the service dealing with usernames, encrypted passwords and linked email addresses were accessed by unauthorized sources.According to Dave Engberg, who is from the note-taking company, hackers could not access any payment information for Premium or Business users. He went on to say that there was no indication that any theft of user-content has taken place either, but the company would like to take additional security measures. This was the reason behind users being asked to change their passwords.

The upcoming apps from the company will need passwords for them to operate. Engberg went on to say that there will be updates for the company’s apps that will be rolled out soon as well.