Remote controlled mops and trash cans launched


Japanese-based remote control specialists Kyosho Egg have introduced two new innovative gadgets, which will solve the problem of cleaning the filth at home. The new Sugoi Mop and GomibaGo are two remote controlled devices which will allow users to clean up around the house while sitting on the sofa.

The devices are controlled by simple looking video-game styled controllers, with the help of which the Sugoi, also known as the incredible Mop, cleans up the room and also brings the trash can to you when you need it. The makers of the devices already have various devices like R/C helicopters, insects and sports cars in their repertoire. However, the Sugoi Mop cannot be used on wet surfaces, but can knock things down or frightening pets.

The new device can be a novel gift for a loved one or can also be a gadget for use around the house. The new gadgets are available for purchase from popular online sites like Amazon JP for about 1,455 yen each. Although the new idea may take a while to catch on, work-shy children may well be all too happy to try out the remote controlled devices to clean up around the house.