Microsoft breaks the shackles at CES 2013 with new Illumiroom technology


A new visual technology called Illumiroom has been showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) being held in Las Vegas USA. Illumiroom adds to a gamer’s visual landscape by illuminating the room with artifacts from the game. CES is being held between January 8, 2013 and January 11, 2013 and is a tech extravaganza that boasts of the latest and greatest in modern technology.

Microsoft Research is behind the new technology that allows a user to project images outside the scope of the game screen by using its Kinect console and a projector. The interesting part in the whole process is that Kinect has the ability to scan the room and change the generated visual effects depending on the dimensions of the room and does not rely on graphics and templates.

Although exciting, Illumiroom is still in its infant stages and is more of a proof of concept. The new technology is expected to be launched by Microsoft in April, 2013. Video footage that was pre-recorded was mostly shown during the CES demonstation.

The effect that Illumiroom has on the gaming experience is that players will be able to see flickering lights, bullets passing by, maps, flames, snowflakes and have an overall enhanced gaming experience. It looks like the future of gaming is now here with this groundbreaking technology.