Toyota Camry fares poorly on safety tests


Toyota’s premier car ‘Camry’ has performed poorly in a safety test conducted by ‘The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety’.  Though the Camry did well on the four other tests conducted by the institute and earned itself a ‘Top Safety Pick’ designation, it failed to get a ‘Top Safety Pick-Plus’ designation because of its poor performance on the small overlap test of corner crashes.

When buying a 4-wheeler the one thing we always have to consider is the safety of the vehicle. No matter what the features, the comfort or the drivability, safety is one aspect of a vehicle that is probably most important to us humans. So what happens when one of the highest selling cars in the United States of America performs poorly in the safety test? Well, the answer lies with Toyota.

Other cars that got the ‘Top Safety Pick-Plus’ designation are – Honda Accord, Chrysler 200, Dodge Avenger, Ford Fusion, Nissan Altima and a few others. To make matters worse for Toyota, their Prius V gas-electric hybrid also performed quite poorly on the small overlap test.

This is a clear indication that Toyota’s engineers have a lot of work to do if their vehicles have to catch up to its competitors. After all, for users it is always safety first.