IBM says new computing devices to have smell and touch censors


US-based tech giant IBM said on December 17, 2012 in an annual forecast that future computing devices will be more developed in terms of capacity to mimic, ability to see, smell, taste, touch and hear.

The seventh annual ‘IBM 5 in 5’ stated that computers and other devices will gain more capabilities to simulate the human senses. IBM also said that computers will also be able to use algorithms to determine the exact chemical structure of food and why certain people like certain tastes.

IBM said, “Not only will it make healthy foods more palatable—it will also surprise us with unusual pairings of foods, actually designed to maximize our experience of taste and flavor”. Moreover, even if people have special dietary needs then it will also develop flavors and recipes which will keep their blood sugar regulated and also satisfy their sweet tooth.

The company has predicted that in the next five years computers and cell phones will have tiny censors which will detect if someone is coming down with a cold or any other illness just by analyzing odors, bio-markers and thousands of molecules in someone’s breath. Such tools will also help diagnose and monitor the onset of ailments like kidney or liver disorders.