iRoller device now to clean touchscreen devices


Touchscreen devices have become common these days and the excessive usage of such devices leads to finger prints on the screen, which cannot be avoided. However, now all dirt and finger prints can be cleaned easily with a device known as the iRoller also known as the iCOLOCOLO.

There is no other option other than to use your naked fingers to operate touchscreen smartphones and tablets. The human body secrets a lot of oils, due to which finger prints become prominent on such devices.

The new iRoller is convenient to use as one has to just roll away the dirt from the screen. The innovative item was developed by King Jim Co Ltd, which is a Japanese company that makes office supplies. The iRoller costs 1,260 yen and is available on the online shopping site

A spokesperson for King Jim Co said, “When iPad was first being marketed two years ago, one of our staff looked at the dirty screen full of fingerprints and said that we need to produce something that will easily clean these fingerprints off. That’s where the idea came from”. A survey mentioned that the dirt on the touch panel was the most common reason for customer’s dissatisfaction with touch devices.