Japan trending towards staplers without staples


Struggling with tiny metal pins are now a thing of the past as the Japanese market is slowly turning towards the ‘no-staple revolution’, with the help of a few innovative and interesting products. However, not many were aware that such products have been in the market for a long time and have been going unnoticed.

The concept of a staple-less stapler is that it punches a wing shaped slit on one side of the paper and cuts out a spade shape tab as well which inserts into the slit and locks the two pieces together. Initially, the device could not become popular due to two main flaws; firstly it could handle just a few sheets at a time and secondly they were quite expensive as compared to regular staplers.

Office stationary giant Kokuyo became the first company to address such problems and introduced its Harinacs brand of staple-less staplers in the year 2009. These staplers had an improved blade design and some models could even staple up to ten sheets at a time. The prices of these models range from 500 yen to 5,000 yen.

Earlier in 2012, special staplers were released with less resistance for fastening paper, with a mechanism that even children could operate. These were safer as they eliminated the risks of having to handle the tiny staples and prevented any hazards caused by them.