Phorce bag which charges laptops, phones and tablets on the go


People who are addicted to their gadgets like laptops, cell phones and tablets, might often face problems of charging these devices, especially while on the go. Finding a charging point many times becomes a task when you depend on gadgets for work purposes.

Rest assured though, as a new project on Kickstarter has assured that the problem of charging might soon come to an end. The idea might sound strange, but it is actually a bag which will help charge the electronic devices on the go. Devices that can use the charger will include laptops, phones and tablets.

The project on Kickstarter says, “Thanks to its integrated lightweight battery pack, Phorce is powerful enough to charge an iPhone 5 over 8 times, a Galaxy S3 about 6 times, or an iPad Mini 2.5 times.” Reports have said that the bag will also feature a convertible design and can become a messenger bag, briefcase 0r a two-shoulder backpack.

Moreover, the bag will also sync with an iPhone or Android devices through Bluetooth. Even if the user leaves the Phorce bag somewhere, the bag’s position will be detectable on their phone. In terms of design and color, the bag looks trendy and cool and the accessory is a must-have for everyone on the move.