Google to unveil upgrades on its Google Maps service


Search engine giant Google is soon expected to unveil the latest improvements to its online service digital maps. Earlier reports said that the navigation service is about to lose its perch on Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

The new upgrades to the service will be shown on June 6 at an event in San Francisco. Google is counting it as the next dimension for the world’s most popular digital mapping service.

The presentation at the event will be handled by Brian McClendon, a vice president of Google who works on the mapping service. Google is now trying its best to convince people to use its mapping service as it is facing tough competition from a bigger company Apple Inc.

Apple now plans to replace Google’s mapping service with an alternative which has been secretly patching together from a series of acquisitions. The event of Google’s new upgrades for mapping comes just a few days after reports that Apple is parting ways with Google. The relationship of the two companies has been increasing and leading to a bitter rivalry since Google’s 2008 release of Android software to compete against Apple’s iPhone. Since then both the companies have increasingly been encroaching over each other.