Microsoft Windows Phone 8 new features unveiled


As hurricane Sandy washed off the Eastern Seaboard, Microsoft hosted an event in San Francisco on October 29, 2012 and showed off its Windows Phone operating system, which will be launched on new phones this month. Earlier, Microsoft had detailed some of the new features of the software.

Nokia, Samsung and HTC announced new phones, and Joe Belfiore the manager of the Windows Phone Program announced some yet  unseen features of the new device, he also took some pot shots at the competition during the presentation. Belfiore said, “Apple did announce a fifth row of icons, but we wanted to come at it from a different point of view. We decided not to use the tired old metaphor”.

The manager also said that they will people at the centre of the experience and not just focus on different apps or icons. The Windows Phone operating system has always been built on the idea of live tiles. The tiles or the apps on the home screen refresh with new information on their own. The tiles can be customized to add favorite people or apps, depending on what the user needs.

Microsoft aims to make its software as easy-to-use as possible for people, as opposed to complex technology based devices. With this strategy, the software giant aims to carve a niche in the smartphone market as well.