Verizon opens pre-bookings for Samsung Galaxy Note


American based telecommunications company Verizon, announced on October 24, 2012 that it will be carrying Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2. Pre-orders have begun for the new Samsung tablet by Big Red, which will be selling the device on a two year contract for $299.

Verizon has now become one of the top five companies with whom Samsung has teamed up, to bring its 5.6 inch handset to the masses. T–Mobile became the first telecom company to offer the handset. This news was shared on October 24, 2012. In the upcoming days, even Sprint and US wireless plan to stock the device.

Verizon has made its mark on the Samsung device by sticking its logo on the home button, while no other company has come up with similar branding. Sprint stands out, as its logo is missing from the back of its version, while all the other devices include rear markings.

Verison hasn’t yet revealed the official word on when the Note 2 will arrive in stores, or when the pre-orders can be booked. Pre-orders are open for all the carriers, but one is not expected from AT&T until November 9, 2012. T-Mobile is offering the device at a pricey sum of $369 with a new two year service agreement.