Amazon to introduce Whispercast in schools


Online retailing giant Amazon said that it has introduced a new system known as Whispercast, with the help of which, students can have their study material easily available on Amazon’s Kindle. Whispercast allows teachers to select material for their students and send it to them according to their specifications, on their Kindle devices. This allows for great flexibility for teachers and students alike.

With this the online retailer is also looking forward to venture into the education market, where Apple has tasted some success. Brian Barrett, the managing director (MD) of the tech news site Gizmodo said that social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter can be blocked on the Kindle, and teachers will be able to manage access for their students. The MD also said that one can even make sure that no purchases are being made from the device.

Amazon is not the only tablet manufacturer which is trying to sell tablets to schools. This year Apple will also be introducing its iPads to schools, but Barrett thinks that Amazon’s Whispercast will have more advantages. In Whispercast, the teachers can control what the students are doing with their Kindle. Whispercast has been built on a nearly hidden wireless network, which has been included on most Kindles.