Indian Railways launches Rail Radar to spot trains on Google Maps


In some good news for Indian railway passengers, now spotting trains have become easier with the launch of a new service known as ‘Rail Radar’. With the help of the new application, passengers can spot trains in their exact geographical location on Google Maps on a real time basis.

The new system contains color coded information, in which, trains running on time are highlighted in blue, and red marks will indicate that the trains are running late. The trains can be spotted on the maps in real time and can be accessed on the railways official site

A senior official involved in the project said that on a daily basis the Indian railways operated more than 10,000 trains, but presently the service can spot 6,500 trains. The official also said that after clicking on a particular train, the map will show the exact location of the train, including its route and stoppages on a real time basis.

To spot a train, the user has to enter the train name or the train number and the system will show whether the train has been delayed or is on time. The application will also  be able to show which trains are arriving at stations or have just departed.