Gaming technology to be used in computers for disabled


Microsoft Japan, in collaboration with the ‘University of Tokyo research Centre for Advanced Science and Technology’ has launched trials for a new computer program. The new program will use Microsoft’s ‘Kinect for Windows’ technology as a way  to help disabled people.

The disabled, with the help of the new program will be able to communicate and interact with computers. Kinect is a motion sensing camera which has been developed for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console and Windows PC’s. It tracks the movements of the body and is also capable of recognizing voice commands.

The technology was first introduced two years ago in the Xbox which became a landmark in the new age of gaming where the gamer is the controller in a game which allows the user to dance around the room to control the video game. The technology might have become a unique feature for the gaming world but this might even help in changing the lives of disabled people.

The system can recognize movements and even the depth of field which means that the technology can help people whose movements are heavily restricted. The Kinect’s camera has been optimized to focus on the key areas of a person’s body, particularly the face along with voice recognition.