Apple to launch iPad Mini in October?


After the much hyped launch of the iPhone, speculations are being made about the launch of the iPad Mini in the month of October. If speculations come true, then Apple’s timing would be spot on, with the upcoming holiday season just around the corner.

News is doing the rounds that US giant Apple is all set to launch its iPad mini in an event on October 17, 2012. After the launch event, the tablet is expected to hit the shelves in two weeks.

Meanwhile, Apple has neither confirmed nor denied the rumors. If history is anything to go by, Apple has never revealed information about its products before hand. But as the rumors related to the launch of the iPhone 5 turned out to be true, there are possibilities that these reports about the new iPad Mini might also come true.

Forbes has said that the launch date along with the existence of the device was hinted at by a major Apple investor, who claimed he is aware of the latest developments in regards to the iPad Mini. The new tablet is expected to be cheaper and smaller that the current iPad, with an expected size of 7.85 inches. Popular sources have also speculated that invitations to the launch event would be sent out on October 10, 2012.