Amazon Prime subscribers to get priority access of the PS5 restock


While many might have given up the hope of getting a brand new PlayStation 5 for Christmas, there is a chance that you could get your hands on one before December 31, 2021. People who are Prime members might have a chance to get one before the year comes to an end. The PS5 product page of Amazon has specified that the Amazon Prime Customers will be given the priority access to the PlayStation 5 through 12/31. The Prime users will have to sign in to their respective accounts to see the note.

The catch is that, it has not mentioned as to when the PS5 would be back in stock, but the note has indicated that there is a slight hope for the millions of Prime members. The last time, the company had added the note to the product page of PS5, was just before its Black Friday restock. But it actually occurred on Saturday after the Black Friday. No one can actually predict as to when Amazon will drop a restock and the retailer is also known for dropping the PS5 stocks with no warnings. Moreover, the restocks are also known for selling out fast. People who are interested to stand a chance to get their PS5 from the restock, will have to sign up for Amazon Prime that costs $12.99 per month and $119 for a year.

The subscription comes with a rage of benefits and also access to the Prime Video streaming service and off-course a priority access to the next PS5 restock. There is also a 30 day free trial of the service that will not cost the user. To increase your chances of getting the console, make sure that you set up the amazon account ahead of time with the address information and payments details pre-saved. The users can also place the console in the wish list and when it is restocked and then add to the cart from there.

Photo Credits: MARCA