Facebook introduces new feature to delete search history


The search history on some of the search engines like Google is totally private. But some people do have the ability to delete it. Social networking site Facebook is now following the suit and will now allow the users to allow you to view and delete all or part of the search history.

The new feature on Facebook will provide more transparency on what to do on the social network, what it tracks and will make the user feel like he is more in control. The feature has been rolled out on September 21, 2012 and will reach everyone in the next several weeks.

The new change can be a signal that the social network now wants to get deeper in to web search and is preparing for a release by adding new controls. To see the search history one has to go to the profile, click on the activity log on the right side and click ‘All’ drop down and the user will be able to select to view the ‘search’ history in reverse in chronological order.

From there the user can click to re-search things that have been looked for in the past, delete specific searches or clear the entire history.