Casio launches watch which links to iPhone


Japan based electronics manufacturing company Casio has released the GB 6900 AA watch, which is shock resistant and can even communicate with the iPhone 4S. The users have to download an app to use the feature.

The watch is known as the new G-Shock which is a next generation watch which is equipped with Bluetooth v4.0 (Low Energy Wireless technology).The new watch can communicate with the phone to perform various functions like notifying the wearer of the incoming calls and enabling iPhone alarm and vibration functions from the watch button.

Moreover the watch can automatically adjust itself to the exact time according to different time zones. It synchronizes itself to time data received from the iPhone. The new GB-6900AA is finished with other features and styling to represent its new technological advancement including a high brightness LED backlight and a special G logo indicating compatibility with the Bluetooth technology.

The wrist watch comes in five different colours. Some of the notable iPhone 4S mobile link features include , notification of the incoming calls through the phone, funder function to enable iPhone alarm and vibration functions from the watch, warning vibration when the watch loses its connection to the iPhone, Automatic time correction and built in sensor to detect movement in the watch.