Samsung announces to stop using the Galaxy Note 7


South Korean smartphone maker Samsung has urged the users of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone to stop using it. The company has halted the sales of the smartphone and has assured the owners that it is currently investigating the recent reports of fires. This has led to the expectations that Samsung would ultimately scrap the production of its flagship device.
There are reports that Samsung might permanently halt the sales of the Note 7 after it received some fresh reports of fires in replacement devices that has prompted new warnings from the phone carriers, regulators and even airlines. A person on condition of anonymity said that the company has not taken its final decision.
A spokesperson from Samsung said that nothing has been decided in terms of the future sales plans. Samsung had earlier said that it has instructed all the carriers to halt the sales of the Note 7 and the exchange of original devices for replacements. Samsung is reportedly working with the regulators to investigate the issue. For now Samsung is offering the exchange of the Note 7 for other products or a refund.
This is the second time, reports of Samsung of halting the sales of the Note 7 has surfaced. This has not just questioned the quality control of the company but can also result in a huge reputation and financial costs.

Photo Credits: Androidpit