Google to make search engine smarter to answer complex questions


Search engine giant has always helped to find answers for many things. But only for a few complicated questions the answers were a bit tough to find. But now the search engine has found a solution and updated its mobile app to better understand some of the complex queries.

Google product manager, Satyajeet Salgar in a blog post has explained that some improvements can help the app make more sense of the weirdest human thought process. For instance Google is good at answering some of the queries like ‘What are the largest cities in Texas?’ and it can also be asked about a particular point in time.
Now the search engine is working on understanding some of the complex combinations in the questions like ‘Who was the President when the Angels won the World Series?’. The search engine has also admitted that the system is not perfect yet and that changes will help to make the search engine calculations be more starter.
The company has assured that the search engine will work in a smarter way in future and will help to be more sound in terms of answering some of the complex questions that arise out of the human mind.

Photo Credits: twimg