Google opposes US government’s plans to allow hacking of any computer


Search engine giant Google has strongly expressed its opposition over plans to give powers to the FBI to hack computers across the globe. Plans are being made to empower to infiltrate computer systems across the globe. Google has argued that it will increase the number of monumental and highly complex constitutional issues.

The submission to the Washington committee which is considering the changes proposed. The search engine added that the new change will allow the government to hack any facility that is located anywhere. At present the Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 41 has mentioned that the prosecutors can search for and take charge of properties in the districts where they have been obtained a valid warrant from the district.

The new proposed amendment will also allow the court in the district where the crime has occurred and authorise the remote access searches of the electronic information. Google has also warned that there is a possibility that this can happen in certain cases where the location of information that has been obscuring their IP addresses.

On the other hand the US Department of Justice claims that the change is very essential as the new internet anonymity techniques are making it difficult for the prosecutors to identify the location of criminals.

Photo Credits: guim