Apple iPhone sales in China likely to exceed than US


Tech giant Apple is all set to reveal its fourth quarter earnings by the end of January 27, 2015. Experts have predicted that the report will show that more iPhones would have been sold in the China than US.


The recent report has indicated an increased interest of the Apple phone from one of the hottest mobile markets in the world. This has also indicated that Apple does have a profitable market which is filled with the affordable local options. A research firm has predicted that China will account for 36 percent of the total Apple shipments in the most recent quarter compared to just 24 percent for the US.

In 2014 this time, the US market had accounted for 29 percent of the total shipments while the Chinese market was at 22 percent. One of the main reasons in the boost of the iPhones, was when the US tech giant joined hands with China Mobile, which is one of the most popular carrier in China. it is also one of the biggest wireless company in the world. Apple sold through the wireless carrier after which it got access to a new range of customers and managed the iPhones to survive in front of the low cost Xiaomi smartphones.

Moreover, the ever increasing middle class is slowly drawing its interest towards the American brand.

Photo Credits: staticworld