Microsoft campus protected by K5 robots


Silicon Valley company Microsoft has employed a new set of guards to protect their campus. The latest recruits of the tech giant are a bunch of robots. The robots are called K5 and are produced by a company called Knightscope.

The robots have been in development for several years now as engineers struggled to get the best camera. The company is testing out a fleet of 5 K5s in a pilot phase to see if they are effective or not. The robots weigh 300 pounds and are 5 feet tall. They are packed with more sensors than any other smartphone that has been released till date.

The only difference between the the K5s and real security guards is that the robots are not equipped with any weapons and cannot engage in a physical battle with intruders. However, they have all the sensors required to alert the authorities if something is wrong. K5s have a battery life of 24 hours and when their battery is running out, they can maneuver themselves to the closest charging station.

The robots will be able to scan the area for any unusual activity with the GPS and 3D mapping functions that are built into it. Along with tiny HD cameras, they also have night-vision cameras and thermal imaging. This is a list of the sensors that the K5 will come equipped with.

  • Eye scanners
  • Audio recorders
  • Biological detectors
  • Chemical detectors
  • Radiation detectors
  • Weather telling

There is also some talk that these robots will be equipped with tasers in the future.

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