Share tweets in Direct messages


The latest Twitter update will allow users to share tweets within Direct messages on the popular microblogging website. The new feature is part of the host of other features that the service has been adding in the last few months.

The company has been setting new goals for itself and is becoming more commercial in its endeavors. The new feature will be available on the website as well as the mobile application of the service. Direct messaging on Twitter is for those people that want to communicate with someone else directly, without letting others know of their interaction.

It is quite like the difference that exists between posting on someone’s Timeline and sending them a message on Facebook. In the new feature that is introduced by the company, friends can share a tweet that they want only with one person, without letting the world know. Earlier, one needed to retweet or quote a tweet, to share it.

For Android and iOS users, all they need to do is keep the tweet they want to direct message pressed for a few seconds, which will return a menu that will have the option to direct message the tweet to someone. All one needs to do is tag one or more person to be direct messaged.

There have been several DM focussed changes that the engineers have been making at Twitter in the last few months.

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