Users that are shifting from an Apple device to an Android or Windows, do not need to worry about their iMessage anymore. Technology giant Apple has given its users the option of disabling their phone number from iMessage. Once they deregister their number, they will no longer be able to send and receive any messages on iMessage.

For those who want to disable their phone number, all they need to do is use the online tool provided by Apple and once they enter their number, a 6 digit confirmation code would be sent to the number. This is for people who do not have their iPhone with them anymore. For the people that have iPhone with them still, there is an even easier procedure to deregister your number.

First transfer the SIM card back into the iPhone. Then go to Settings – Messages – iMessage and swipe the option to off. iMessage will no longer be active on that number. Since its inception in 2011 with the iOS 5, iMessage has been a topic of discussion among several people.

There have been several complaints registered by iPhone users that they have not been receiving any messages since the time they switched from the iDevice. The problem arose because iMessage does not run on cellular network connection, but instead on data services. So when a person switches to a  different operating software, the other contacts do not recognize this change and hence the messages are still relayed to the iMessage account.

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