Whatsapp launches blue tick feature


Whatsapp has been around for a while now and as it is expanding its user base, so are the features. In February 2014, social media giant Facebook bought the company in a staggering $19 billion deal. However, Facebook gained full control of the messaging app only recently after the EU gave them the proper licenses and clearances.

On November 6, 2014, Whatsapp announced that it would be introducing a new feature to the application. Two blue ticks on the chat will indicate the recipient of the message has read it. Previously, the app has relied on the ‘last seen’ feature that showed when the person had last checked into the application.

However, ever since Facebook took over, they gave users the option of hiding the ‘last seen’, where users could hide when they last checked their phone. This new feature may bring a lot of grief to some users, who often pretend to not see a message. On the other hand, the blue ticks will now make the instant messaging procedure more transparent.

Up until now, there was a common misconception that people had about the ticks on Whatsapp. Here, we break them down for you.

  • 1 tick: Message sent from the sender’s phone.
  • 2 ticks: Message received by the receiver’s phone.
  • 2 blue ticks: Message read by the receiver.

Users will also get the option of checking when the message was read by the user. To know when your message was read, follow the steps:

  1. Go to the chat.
  2. Click on the message that you want to check. (Hold the button/touch down for 2-3 seconds)
  3. An option will crop up that will read “info”
  4. Press info and the time the message was sent and read will be displayed.

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