Google launches fitness app Google Fit


In a bid to keep up with the competition with giants like Apple and Samsung, Google has launched their debut fitness app called Google Fit. The app comes out shortly after Apple announced their Apple Health for the iOS 8 on September 9, 2014.

The application, that was preloaded on all Android Wear watches that were launched earlier this year, is now available on the web for even non-Android Wear users. The application works like the Apple Health and Samsung S Health apps and monitors your fitness schedule. It uses the sensors on the back of the smartphone to track how many steps you walked, how long you slept, how far you ran, etc.

Users can also feed in data into the app and set fitness goals like walking 30 minutes in a day. Unlike some of the fitness apps, Google Fit requires users to manually set the heart rate check and then record it. Google Fit differs from its competition since it allows other third-party applications to connect to it and stores the collective data in one place.

The healthcare market is booming and with big players like Apple, Samsung and now Google stepping in the ring, the competition will be cut-throat.

There has been a change in the way people live and people are getting more conscious of their health and lifestyle. This is what tech companies are exploiting and providing people a way to keep their health in check. You can download the application here.

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