Facebook photos can now be completely removed


It has been three years since it has been discovered that the social networking site Facebook cannot remove the deleted photos from its server. But an end has been put to this as the company has said that its new photo storage systems are in place and are now deleting the photos within a reasonable period of time.

However, this does not mean that Facebook is now free from the privacy concerns. There are still plenty of problems that the Facebook users have run in to in recent years.

As the social network moves forward to become a public entity, it has to address the concerns of it wants to remain at the top. While the other social networks like Twitter, Flickr and MySpace removed the deleted pictures from the content delivery networks, Facebook still faced the embarrassments of holdout.

But Facebook insisted that the users having direct URLs to deleted photos was rare and that the photos were only available online for a limited period of time. But again in February the company admitted that the system might not be working properly and said that not all the photos were deleted within a reasonable amount of time. The spokesperson from Facebook said that they were constantly working on to move their photo storage system to newer systems so that the photos were fully deleted.